Equipment & Training

Having the capability to save lives in a diversity of challenging situations whilst providing exceptional patient care, maximum efficiency and the capability means being prepared for the many and varied types of rescue missions the helicopter responds to.

The standard on-board configuration for emergency medical services includes the following necessary medical, rescue and aviation equipment:

  • Communications Helmet with night vision goggles mount
  • Rescue crew harness
  • Survival vest, personal locating beacon and personal flare
  • Flame proof flying suit
  • VHF rescue radio
  • Winch release
  • Soft leather, all weather boots
  • Flame retardant gloves
  • Patient stretcher
  • Equipment tray & legs
  • Propac MD monitor
  • Ferno scoop stretcher
  • Winch stretcher
  • Tagline
  • Rescue strop
  • Gath helmet
  • Patient harness
  • Float rope
  • Oxygen ventilator