Rescue 412 Crew


RACQ CQ Rescue has a wet-lease arrangement with Babcock Mission Critical Services and pilots are employed through their stringent recruitment process.


Air Crew Officer (ACO)

Highly skilled and fantastically fit, our crewmen assist the pilot and act as the winch operator on aeromedical, search and rescue, emergency and counter disaster tasks. Whilst the aircrew is the vital link between the pilots and rescue crewmen, they work as an integrated team with the pilot and rescue crewmen.


Rescue Crew Officer (RCO)

Assisting with all aeromedical, search and rescue, emergency and counter disaster operations, during winching operations our brave Rescue Crewmen go “down the wire” to retrieve the patient or the person being rescued. Strict requirements to maintain peak levels of physical strength, fitness and qualifications mean our rescue crewmen are either on-the-job, training or hitting the gym.


Critical Care Doctor (CCD)

The trauma doctors on board the RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter are funded by Queensland Health and work on a rotation basis. While most of the doctors working on the RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter are FIFO, three Critical Care Doctors live and work locally and are rostered as required as part of the flight crew.


Intensive Care Paramedic (ICP)

Intensive Care Flight Paramedics are provided to RACQ CQ Rescue by Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS). As with our trauma doctors, most QAS Flight Paramedics are FIFO and while in Mackay, they assist with critical cases on road in between aeromedical missions on board the RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter.

Rescue 412 Crew
RACQ CQ Rescue 412 Crew
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RACQ CQ Rescue 412 Pilots
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