Help Us Fundraise

Without the support of a grateful community, RACQ CQ Rescue literally couldn’t get off the ground.

In addition to the challenge of saving lives and being a lifeline in a time of dire need, our community-funded service must raise over $5 million annually in addition to the state government funding we receive.

Fundraising is absolutely vital to keeping us in the air and saving lives.

Our ability to provide this region with a world-class aeromedical service which touches and saves hundreds of lives each year is a direct result of the phenomenal support we receive from both our sponsors and this community through various fundraising endeavours.

Your help is critical. While support for our events such as Emergency Services Day and Rescue Chopper Week is important, we also rely heavily on third-party fundraisers where organisers make our rescue helicopter service the recipient of the proceeds of an event they host. These can be more small-scale events as a sausage sizzle or morning tea or bigger productions like fun runs, cocktail functions, camp drafts and bike rides. The limit is your imagination!

All you need to do us let us know what you are planning and we will be able to assist by issuing you with an Authority to Fundraise letter.

When you host your own event and make RACQ CQ Rescue the beneficiary, no matter how big or small the figure you raise, you are also showing your pride and respect for our service and the lifesaving work we do. More importantly, you’ll be helping us be a lifeline to anyone, anywhere, anytime in this community.

Your fundraising efforts today will be greatly appreciated by someone who desperately needs our rescue helicopter tomorrow.

Find out how you can help by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..