Cattleman Injured After Bull Headbutts Him Into Fence

RACQ CQ Rescue has flown more than 420km to airlift an injured cattleman to hospital after he was headbutted into a steel fence by a bull.

 The 72-year-old man, from a property on the Bowen Development Road, near Mt Coolon, about 260km west of Mackay, was herding new cattle into yards when he was charged by a bull, smashing the right-hand side of his body into the steel yards.

RACQ CQ Rescue was tasked about 9.30am and landed in a clearing on the property, adjacent to the homestead, one hour later with a doctor, Critical Care Paramedic and rescue crewman on board.

The patient, who was able to stand and was assisted back to the homestead by colleagues, was experiencing severe pain, shortness of breath, cuts to his head and was suffering possible fractures to his ribs.

RACQ CQ Rescue departed the property with the patient in a stable condition about 35 minutes later, arriving at Mackay Base Hospital just after 12.30pm.

Immediately upon their return to base, the Mackay-based rescue helicopter was tasked to airlift a hospital patient from Collinsville and transfer them to Mackay, followed by another mission to transfer a Clermont patient early tonight.

RACQ CQ Rescue completed 689 tasks in 2019 making it the busiest year on record in the community-funded rescue helicopter’s 24 years of service to Central and North Queensland.