Ill Filipino Sailor Winched from Bulk Carrier at Abbot Point

RACQ CQ Rescue has winched a seriously ill Filipino sailor off a bulk carrier 18km north of Abbot Point this afternoon.

About 2pm, the Mackay-based rescue helicopter, with a doctor and Critical Care Paramedic on board, was tasked to fly 220km north-west of Mackay to where the 292-metre long vessel True Endurance was anchored.

 The helicopter crew had to refuel at Proserpine Airport before arriving at the bulk carrier to retrieve the 48-year-old male sailor who was suffering from a serious cardiac condition.

Due to the vessel’s weight restrictions preventing the aircraft from landing, a rescue crewman and Critical Care Paramedic were winched down onto the deck of the True Endurance with medical equipment and an ARV (Air Rescue Vest).

The patient was stabilised by the medical team as the helicopter orbited the ship and once ready for flight and secured into the ARV, the ill sailor and the crewmen were winched back up into the helicopter within 30 minutes of arriving on scene.

After refuelling the helicopter again in Proserpine for the return trip, the sailor was transported to Mackay Base Hospital in a stable condition arriving just after 5pm.