Long Weekend Took Unexpected Turn For Motorcyclist

A 58-year-old Sarina man had no expectations of utilising the RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter when he set off for the Pioneer Valley for a leisurely Sunday motorcycle ride.

 At 9.40am on October 6, the duty crew at CQ Rescue received an emergency call to attend a motorcycle accident south of Pinnacle, at a popular area for camping and dirt bike riding called Captain’s Crossing in the Mia Mia State Forest, approximately 60 kilometres west of Mackay in the Pioneer Valley.

Due to the difficult terrain where the incident occurred, the QAS Critical Care paramedic and CQ Rescue’s Rescue Crew Officer Ben McCauley were winched down to the injured rider in an effort to assess his injuries and stabilise him for the flight to Mackay.

While the CQ Rescue crew attended to the rider, the RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter flew to a nearby oval at Pinnacle where they waited 40 minutes for the paramedic and rescue crew officer to advise the pilot and air crewman that the patient was prepped for a winch retrieval.

The man had been riding with a companion when he was descending a track and his tyre become caught in ruts in the road, causing his bike to stall and fall on his leg. As a result, the dirt bike rider sustained a suspected fracture to his lower leg as well as cuts and abrasions. Fortunately, the pair was carrying a personal locator beacon (PLB) and were able to raise the alarm for help.

CQ Rescue’s Ben McCauley said, “This guy was in a significant amount of pain but given the rough terrain he was located in, he was extremely lucky that his injuries weren’t much worse. The weather is perfect for the final long weekend of the year but don’t be complacent, we urge everyone to take care whether relaxing or travelling, and return safely to family and friends at the end of this three-day weekend”

The RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter and crew arrived at Mackay Base Hospital at 11.29am where the patient underwent further examination and treatment for his injuries.