Man Airlifted to Hospital After Attacked by a Wild Bull

A 67-year-old man owes his life to a personal emergency beacon after he was attacked by a wild bull near Teemburra Dam today.

RACQ CQ Rescue landed on the property to transfer the Pinnacle man to the hospital after he was gored and trampled by the animal while working by himself to the north of the Teemburra dam wall, 60 nautical miles from Mackay, about 9 am today.

The injured man managed to get into his vehicle and began driving himself to help but had the good sense to activate his GPS encoded personal locator beacon which been registered with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

He was quickly located by police on a remote dirt road on the property and the RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter landed nearby to stabilise him before transporting him to Mackay Base Hospital. He suffered fractures to the upper arm, lower leg and chest as well as severe lacerations to his torso and leg.

An RACQ CQ Rescue spokesperson said activating the emergency beacon had helped authorities hone in on his location although it had proven a challenge for the rescue helicopter crew given he was travelling in a moving car.

It is believed the man carried an emergency beacon when he was working by himself on the remote property after being injured in a quad bike accident some years back.

He arrived in a stable condition aboard the rescue helicopter at Mackay Base Hospital about 11.30 am.