Quad Bike Rider Airlifted After Fall On Bush Track

A quad bike rider was seriously injured when she fell about 50 metres down an embankment on a remote and rough dirt track in the Mia Mia State Forest on May 6

.The woman, believed to be in her 20s, was a passenger on the quad bike ridden by another woman on a muddy and rutted out track about 3kms from Captain’s Crossing, about 16km west of Pinnacle in the Pioneer Valley.

The rider was believed to be attempting to turn the bike around about midday when the front lifted and they were flung about 50 metres down a steep embankment beside the track.

Friends riding motorbikes with them, including the passenger’s husband, were first on scene and immediately called 000.

RACQ CQ Rescue air crewman Quinton Rethus said the helicopter crew winched down a Critical Care Paramedic and a rescue crewman from about 18 metres overhead and 100 metres from the scene of the accident. When on the ground, the crew proceeded to carefully descend the steep embankment to where the two injured riders were.

The paramedic requested the trauma doctor on board the aircraft to also be winched down with more medical equipment and the stretcher due to possibility the patient sustained more  serious pelvic and spinal injuries, Mr Rethus said.

The rescue helicopter then flew back to Pinnacle to wait, landing on the oval next to the Pinnacle Pub to conserve fuel while the medical team treated the patient and prepared her for transport.

The injured woman was administered immediate pain relief, moved on to the stretcher and then had to be carried 50 metres back up the very steep and rocky terrain by fellow riders, her husband and the emergency service personnel on scene.

Mr Rethus said the rescue helicopter returned to the scene about 45 minutes later and hovered overhead a clearing in the trees as the woman was winched up into the helicopter accompanied by the paramedic, followed by the doctor and medical equipment and lastly the rescue crewman.

The nature of the injuries and remoteness of the location which was very difficult for an ambulance to access meant that a stretcher winch by helicopter ensured a quicker and much smoother retrieval of the patient, he said.

It was a short 10-minute flight to Mackay Base Hospital, with the woman arriving in a stable condition at 3.30pm.

It is believed the other quad bike rider was transported to hospital by ambulance.