Rescue Helicopter Finds Five People Missing In Dense Forest

RACQ CQ Rescue has located five missing people using Night Vision Goggles on a search of dense forest near Eungella very early this morning.

The rescue helicopter crew were tasked just after midnight by the Queensland Police Service that five people who were four-wheel-driving in the Crediton State Forest late yesterday had been reported missing.


It was believed their vehicle had become bogged on a dirt track and that some of the occupants may have left the car in search of help.

The helicopter flew about 35 nautical miles to the search site in the centre of Crediton State Forest about 12.30am. About 10nm (20km) from the scene, the helicopter crew used Night Vision Goggles (NVG) and were able to detect a glow in the heavily wooded forest.

An RACQ CQ Rescue crewman said the glow became much brighter as the helicopter got closer to the scene and it became obvious that stranded people had lit a fire. The forest canopy was very thick and the crew used a spotlight to count and signal the stranded people. All were safe and well, the crewman said.

Their location was reported back to the police and SES crews were dispatched to assist retrieve the missing persons after a decision was made that they could not be winched.

RACQ CQ Rescue returned to base by 2 am.