Sick Crewman Winched from Bulk Carrier Anchored at Hay Point

RACQ CQ Rescue has winched an ill crewman off a bulk carrier anchored near Hay Point this morning and transferred him to hospital.

The rescue helicopter was tasked about 11 am to retrieve the 40-year-old Filipino crew member from the Canadian vessel MV Konkar Theodoros, which was anchored offshore east of Hay Point.


A rescue crewman was winched aboard the 198-metre long vessel to secure the patient into an ARV (air-life rescue vest) before both were winched back into the helicopter as it hovered overhead. The winch was completed within 10 minutes of arriving at the scene.

The ill crewman, who spoke very little English, was then flown to the Mackay Base Hospital for further treatment, arriving at 12 pm.

As the RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter was returning to base at the Mackay Airport, the crew were tasked to another patient transfer from the Whitsundays, the second job today.