Skydivers Rescued by Helicopter After Landing in Trees at Airlie Beach

RACQ CQ Rescue winched two people from thick bushland on a mountain near Shute Harbour after winds disrupted their tandem skydive on March 16.

 A man in his 30s, believed to be a skydive instructor, and a female tourist were still harnessed together when they parachuted into scrub on the mountain about 1km from Whitsunday Airport, about 10am.

A 000 call was made by the pilot of the plane they had jumped from after the skydivers' planned landing went awry due to wind gusts and they ended up on the mountain, tangled in trees.

The Mackay-based rescue helicopter was tasked and flew to the scene at Shute Harbour and prepared to winch the stranded pair after dropping the doctor, paramedic and medical equipment off at the nearby airport.

As the helicopter hovered overhead, a rescue crewman was winched down into a small clearing in the trees to secure each patient, who had managed to free themselves from their chutes, into an Air Rescue Vest (ARV).

Each was winched up into the helicopter, accompanied by the rescue crewman, and finally flown back to Whitsunday Coast Airport, their original planned landing zone. 

Both the skydive instructor and tourist were uninjured after what could have been potentially a very serious or life-threatening incident.