Two Fishermen Are Rescued From a Submerged Tree After Boat Sinks in Dam

RACQ CQ Rescue has found two fishermen clinging to a submerged tree near their sunken boat at Peter Faust Dam late yesterday.

The rescue helicopter was tasked about 5 pm by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) that a distress beacon had been activated at the dam, also known as Lake Proserpine, 26km west of Proserpine.

Upon arrival in the area, the rescue helicopter crew, including a rescue crewman and paramedic were able to hone in on the beacon signal and quickly identify the vicinity of the dam to search for the two men who had been reported missing earlier in the afternoon.

An RACQ CQ Rescue spokesperson said the two men were found sitting in the branch of an old dead tree in the water, the nose of their boat, also tied to the tree, still visible out of the water.

The rescue helicopter hovered overhead and directed SES crews to the men’s location. The relieved fishermen were plucked from the tree and helped into a boat containing two SES volunteers and an ambulance officer, the spokesperson said. Both men appeared uninjured and in good condition.

The rescue helicopter departed the scene for Proserpine airfield to refuel before flying the 120km south returning to base in Mackay about 7 pm.