Ukranian Sailor Winched From Bulk Carrier At Hay Point

RACQ CQ Rescue has winched a sick Ukrainian sailor from a bulk carrier anchored 20km offshore at Hay Point last night.

 The 56-year-old man was on board the 287-metre long cargo ship Phoenix Beauty and was experiencing severe chest pain and shortness of breath about 8.30pm yesterday.

RACQ CQ Rescue, with a Critical Care Paramedic on board, flew to the anchored vessel east of Mackay within 15 minutes of receiving the call for help, but was unable to land on the ship’s deck due to weight restrictions.

As the helicopter hovered 20-foot overhead, the rescue crewman was winched down onto the deck of the ship.

The helicopter orbited the vessel for five minutes while the rescue crewman secured the ill man into an Air Rescue Vest (ARV).

Both men were then winched up into the helicopter and the patient was flown to Mackay Base Hospital in a stable condition.

The retrieval of the ill sailor from the huge cargo ship took less than an hour.