CQ Connect

CQ Connect knows the value of making good connections and a lifesaving service.

The region’s newest internet service provider, CQ Connect, is partnering with RACQ CQ Rescue and are committed to giving back to the region and the rescue helicopter which saves hundreds of lives every year.

By signing up for quality broadband and great local service with CQ Connect, internet surfers will be able to help keep RACQ CQ Rescue flying.

By connecting to the NBN through one of CQ Connect’s broadband plans, users will enjoy a reliable internet service and each month they’ll donate up to $5 to RACQ CQ Rescue per service.

CQ Connect is directly connected to the NBN in Mackay and Rockhampton the same way the major carriers are. Plans start at $59 a month with technical support based locally.

For more information about CQ Connect, please visit CQ Connect.