Gift in Your Will

When you make a bequest in your Will, you make a difference

Your Will can make a difference to a local charity and a difference to people in need, because like most Australian charities, RACQ CQ Rescue relies on community support to continue to deliver our lifesaving services.

Sharing what you have with others is one of life’s greatest joys. A bequest to RACQ CQ Rescue also offers an opportunity to provide a lasting memorial of your generosity well into the future and your gift, regardless of size will be gratefully received by RACQ CQ Rescue.

RACQ CQ Rescue honours those who have advised us they have included our organisation in their Will and we are privileged to call these very generous people our friends. For those willing to be acknowledged we will publicly recognise their generosity and from time to time, invite these friends to events to learn more about the work of RACQ CQ Rescue.

RACQ CQ Rescue is grateful to receive a bequest in your Will.

If you decide to leave a bequest to RACQ CQ Rescue, it can be somewhat small or rather large. It can be a gift of cash, a percentage of an estate, property or shares. Regardless of size, your gift will contribute directly to the operation of the RACQ CQ Rescue emergency helicopter service.