Our Story

As our patients often tell us, when the sound of the rescue helicopter draws near, there is a collective sigh of relief to know that help has arrived.

Over the course of our 23-year history, RACQ CQ Rescue has rescued, transferred, retrieved and winched thousands of people. These very fortunate users of the helicopter rescue service say their lives would be extremely different today if the RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter wasn’t available to help them when they needed it. Often a patient’s only lifeline, RACQ CQ Rescue offers aeromedical and search & rescue assistance to those in dire situations.

It is safe to say of almost all missions flown, none of our patients ever thought they would need our service but then again, who can predict what the future holds and whether you, your family or employees will one day need to be rescued.

As a community helicopter provider, RACQ CQ Rescue is available to all residents, workers and visitors in Central Queensland, between Townsville and Rockhampton.

There have been many advances within our organisation over time and we are proud to say RACQ CQ Rescue is synonymous with unquestionable professionalism, compassion and integrity.

Our mission: Providing our community and stakeholders with a sustainable and supported, world-class aeromedical and emergency helicopter rescue service 24/7, 365 days of the year.